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Welding Hat Info and Size

Hat Size (Circumference around the head):

Welding hat sizes are exact :


   Head Circumference (Inches)   



   7 1/8   

  22 1/2"

   7 1/4


   7 3/8

  23 1/4"

   7 1/2

  23 3/4"

   7 5/8


   7 3/4

  24 1/2"

   7 7/8

  24 3/4"



To measure your head for circumference :

Use a flexible tape* to measure around the the part of the head that you'd like the band of the hat to rest. Make sure the tape is flat and that it is a comfortable fit. Don't pull too tight. 
Our sizes may differ from other companies so please make sure to measure.  Simply take the measurement in inches and match it to our size chart to find the perfect size.

Crown (depth) Size:

Crowns for Welding and Biker hats are the same and are available in the following depths (measured in inches):

  • 6 1/2 (Traditional-Low)  Fits like a ballcap.

  • 7

  • 7 1/2 (High) Pulls down over the ears

To measure for crown size :

Using flexible tape*, measure from the crown of the head (highest peak) to the location you'd like the bottom of the band.

If you have an existing hat that fits fine, lay it down, flat on the front to back axis. Measure the distance from the top of the crown to the bottom of the band.


*Helpful Hints:

-Use a piece of string to measure, then lay the string down on a ruler for exact inches.

-Fabrics are not pre-shrunk. However, our sizes compensate for shrinkage.  We suggest washing 1 (one) hat to see if the hat is going to fit.  If no shrinkage is needed, wash cold water and lay flat to dry.  If you need a little shrinkage, wash cold and tumble dry low.

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